What can an SEO Service Do for a Small Business?

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June 2, 2016
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What can an SEO Service Do for a Small Business?

A few decades back, businesses advertise their products or services through newspapers, televisions, and word of mouth. As to this day, this method is still widely used. With the developing world of technology, the internet is the most powerful arena of advertising for businesses to expand their clienteles. Thus, SEO was born. SEO services for small businesses come in handy when it comes to the internet. Small businesses need to let search engines (like Google) know the location of their establishment and what their products or services are. With theses information, search engines would be able to find a relevant audience for your business. There are several methods being used for SEO, but there are 2 major strategies that SEO services use. Here are the major strategies that SEO services use for small businesses.

SEO Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Content marketing is an important factor of SEO for small businesses. Content marketing can be defined as internet-based platforms or applications that allow for the creation and sharing of user-generated content. Getting your business out there among the many others trying to do the same can seem daunting, but it is made easy this way. By implementing the use of social media, you can get those important website hits by word of mouth, expanding your reach and growing your audience.

How Can One Use Social Media to Grow Their Business?

Typically, the content shared, medium of communication, frequency and timing of posting along with the marketing communications model all work in harmony with an external agent, like market research firms or advertising agencies. Yet, with the continuing and rapid growth of social media, the way these organizations communicate has begun to change. A company is now able to use tools online to build professional and personal relationships while sharing information and collaborating on the Internet.

A content marketing program focuses on creating attractive content that users want to share through their social networks. A message from your corporation can be shared easily from user to user with an appearance of neutrality as it doesn’t come directly from the company once it’s been delivered through these third-party shares. This makes it easier to consume by potential customers when they see their friends vouching for the small business instead of just the company itself; this is also how you get more organic hits on your site opposed to paid ones. The keywords that you want to make the hits are the ones getting repeated on social media, making you more visible. It will also help you to keep your content fresh and alluring.

Better yet, this increased thelevel of communication brews brand awareness and helps improve customer service. By improving your customer service for small business, the customer’s attention is on you, allowing you to more seamlessly implement marketing campaigns that will reach a sizeable audience.

Executing Social Media Integration

Just like your potential buyers use social media to interact with their friends and coworkers and generate meaningful relationships, so can your small business. By joining social media like Twitter and Facebook, you can interact with your targeted audience in a way that feels more personalized to them. The reason it feels personal is because it gives the customer a way to interact with the company on a level they are comfortable with due to the previous interactions and ways they have used social media.

Those same social networking sites also typically come with a way to resonate your small business message, with a “share,”retweet,” or “repost.” Post something that is attention grabbing and let your consumers do the advertising for you with thecontent repeating of some sort. When they repost your content, it is shown to all of the customer’s followers, expanding your reach—social media sites run on word of mouth when it comes to marketing, and your “word” is getting repeated over and over, bringing you more traffic.

Through interacting individually with members of your audience, you build that all-important trustworthy, loyal relationship that will keep them coming back. So, give them something worth sharing. Choose who you follow carefully if you are wishing to reach only a selective, targeted audience, or follow and interact with as many people as possible. It all truly depends on the model of your small business, but social media can work for you to get your name higher on the search return.

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