Minding Your Marketing: How to Stay on Top of the Latest Small Business Trends

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Minding Your Marketing: How to Stay on Top of the Latest Small Business Trends

We all are aware of how rapidly technology is evolving. But the question is, “how it’s going to treat small businesses?” If you manage your marketing campaigns in-house (just like most of the small business owners), it’s complicated to stay updated with what’s going on in the ever-changing world of marketing. This can be a bigger marketing mistake, though. And because it takes just a few days for a new marketing strategy to get outdated, it’s crucial to stay abreast of the evolving marketing trends so that your small business can respond to such changes accordingly.

Below are some practical ways to stay connected to the latest marketing trends.

Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts provides email updates about the trends that matter the most to you. Setting it up is easy: just sign into Google Alerts by using your Gmail account. Enter the keywords you want to get latest updates about (these should be separated by commas). Now, select the categories of updates you want to receive from Google Alerts. For instance, you can choose news, video, blogs, books, discussions, or simply everything!

Subscribe to News Sites and Blogs

Subscribe to sites that publish content about ongoing small business trends. Each week, you’ll be able to see blog posts that talk about how-to’s, news, and marketing trends in small businesses. While staying updated about the latest happenings via these posts, you can also bring more traffic to your website by knowing what’s trending in the SEO industry. Click here to know more about it.

Connect to LinkedIn

Oftentimes, Facebook is jam-packed with casual talks and a lot of advertising clutter. That’s why keeping track of the new trends in small businesses can prove to be too daunting. On the contrary, it’s always better to head to something that specifically caters to different types of niches. Yes, that’s LinkedIn Pulse!

Another way LinkedIn keeps its users informed about various areas of interest in through its LinkedIn Groups. This is as easy as searching for groups with the “small business” keyword and clicking the “Join Group” option. Once your request in approved, you’ll receive regular updates of what other small business owners are posting on the group. You can comment on such posts accordingly.

Consider Continuous Learning

Though many small businesses neglect the power of webinars and other forms of learning, you should never underestimate the impact created by such learning methods. And when it’s about having in-depth knowledge about the emerging trends in small businesses, real-time learning such as workshops, training courses, and certificate courses help you gain the latest insights about your industry.

The Bottom Line

Missing a single trend literally means missing out a whole new business opportunity. This is especially true for small businesses because creating and maintaining an edge is comparatively tougher but highly crucial for small business owners to survive. However, the availability of numerous options such as Google Alerts, subscription to blogs, access to social media, and webinars has made it easier for you to stay connected with the latest trends.

George Ryan is a whizz with websites! Working as a developer he has knowledge of most parts of the industry from design to development and marketing. He writes about these topics for a selection of business blogs.

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