Explainer Videos Are The Perfect Addition To Any Online Marketing Strategy

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December 15, 2016
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Explainer Videos Are The Perfect Addition To Any Online Marketing Strategy

When it comes to your company’s online presence, what exactly are you doing?

There is no doubt that you have a website. And it’s probably a really good looking website. It may even have all of the bells and whistles. But, did you stop there? Having a great looking and functioning website is a great start to what could be an awesome online brand and presence, but it is far from the only thing you need to do.

Marketing success online requires you to have a strong internet presence. According to Google, 97% of people today use the internet to solve their problems like where to eat or what to buy. This means that in order for your business to be relevant, you have to stand out – online.

Having a great website is the place to start. Your website needs to be visually stimulating, easy to use and offer your target audience things that they need and are looking for. In the past, building a good website was something that most people could tackle in a few days. However, thanks to online marketing strategies that include things like SEO and dynamic website design, having your website built by someone who not only has coding knowledge, but also a marketing background is a great choice.

Next, strengthening your social media platform is a must. Being able to connect with your target audience on a completely different level is something that consumers are demanding these days. And social media is the one platform that businesses of all shapes and sizes have to get on board with.

Of course, these elements are just a small part of the basis for building a strong online presence, but there is one thing that you can use across these and many other outlets to help draw in customers and convert them from casual onlookers into customers: explainer videos.

Explainer videos are short animated videos that companies use to market their wares to their customers. These are animated shorts that use voice-over to connect with customers in such a way that they stay and watch the entire video. To be sure, these are not commercials. They are much shorter and to the point, using concise imagery and language to communicate in a way that isn’t necessarily salesy but offers a sound solution to a problem. And, they might even lead a customer to investigate deeper and potentially make a purchase.

What’s nice about these explainer videos is that they can be used across several different online verticals, meaning that you can get some mileage out of them while helping to solidify your brand and reputation online. If you are ready to learn more about the benefits of using explainer videos in your online marketing strategy, please visit http://www.yellowpagesdigital.com/video/ today to learn more.

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