What is White Hat and Black Hat SEO?

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April 4, 2017
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What is White Hat and Black Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO are both strategies that are used to improve a website’s performance in their position of ranking on a search engine such as Google. There is a distinct difference between a White Hat and Black Hat SEO, and that difference is to do with the different ways they attract users to their website. Below is a description of both SEO methods detailing their differences.

Black Hat SEO
A definition of Black Hat SEO would be that it is to do with the focus of making the web page look more attractive to search engines so it can rank higher on them and often that means breaking the internet’s rules of that search engine. Black Hat SEO is usually used by people who just want to get their web page to rank higher and don’t care about the great benefits of White Hat SEO. An example of a technique that is used with Black Hat SEO would be using the same keyword over and over again to look more attractive to an SEO. If you are caught with Black Hat SEO, who can face a whole range of consequences. For example, it can lead to the entire website being banned from a search engine such as Google, and it can lead to the site being de-indexed for being inappropriate on the search engine. If your site is de-indexed, it means that your site has been deleted from a certain search engine’s index which means that website will be impossible to find through that search engine which of course means your websites will have fewer views.

White Hat SEO
A definition of White Hat SEO would be that it is to do with the focus attracting humans to their website to read the article instead of ranking higher in a search engine. An example of a few techniques that are used with White Hat SEO would be rewriting the website’s meta tags; this is done for the website to be more relevant to the ever-changing media and technology. One more way that White Hat SEO would attract viewers would be writing engaging content for human viewers. This means that the content on the web page is not just filled with the same keyword being repeated over and over again but instead it provides an article that is of interest to the human reader with the keyword scattered through the article appropriately.

To conclude, both SEO methods are to get viewers to visit their website. However, both of their motives differ. This is because as explained above Black Hat SEO’s purpose is to get a high ranking in a search engine. This is so it can gain as many hits on the internet site as possible through filling as many keywords on the website’s article. While, on the other hand, White Hat SEO’s motive is for the human audience to be informed on a particular news topic in the website’s article. This means you should never use Black hat SEO as it is illegal to do.

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